Kapya Pepper

Kapya Pepper is a rich source of vitamin C, providing 115% of the Daily Value in a 100 g reference amount

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Kapya Pepper

The Red Kapia is a small, tapered pepper with a brilliant lipstick-red color. 

This pepper is a native of Eastern Europe and, in fact, the main flavor ingredient in Turkey

In the same family as the bell pepper, this mild 4-5 inch pepper has a distinctive sweetness.

 It’s a great addition to salad, roasted or simply tossed in a quality olive oil with pasta.

Therefore, it is also known as red pepper.

It usually grows in hot and dry climates.

It is one of the plants that require a lot of sunlight.

It likes clayey and mineral-rich soils with high fertility.

It requires plenty of water and a warm climate during its growing period.

It is mostly grown in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara regions of our country.

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